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Life Coaching

Whether you call it Christian life coaching, pastoral counseling, or mentoring, it is really just like coming to a wise friend, older sister, or that really cool aunt that sees the world from a different perspective and opens up your view of the world.  Let me help you to step into all that God has gifted you with and created you to be!

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Whether it be preaching on location or speaking at a group event, Jenny has been gifted with the ability to present the truth of God's word in a way that is relevant and engaging to a wide range of people.  She has spoken at various locations across southern Ohio to groups of men and women age 2 through 102.  Book her today!

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Wedding Services

Jenny is an ordained minister by the National Association of Christian Ministers and is a licensed minister in the state of Ohio.  While performing weddings is her "side gig", she is loves to help couples make their special day meaningful and memorable.  Contact her today to check her availability for your ceremony!

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Get your copy of Jenny's first book!

Ever wonder where all this "joy" you are supposed to have as a Christian is supposed to come from?  Ever feel like you are doing everything right, but can't get out of your rut?

Then you need some Hard-Core Joy!

What started out as a simple series of personal devotionals is now available to bless you in your walk with Christ.  These 60 soul penetrating devotions focus on real life change instead of the typical feel good fluff in other devotionals.  At the end of 60 days, you'll walk closer with the Lord, and feel His overwhelming joy permeate your soul!

Start your journey toward real, lasting joy today!  Available for purchase on!

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If you are ready to break free from a dull, lifeless Christianity, and step into the rich, fulfilling life Jesus died for you to have, explore the resources on this site, and schedule an appointment to speak with Jenny today!