Unlikely Champions

So…just so you know, I am getting compensated for this post.  That doesn’t mean you won’t get anything out of reading it.  In fact, just the opposite, I only take on these assignments if it’s going to be an awesome opportunity to present something new to my readers.  So here we go….

There is a new movie opening in theaters tomorrow, September 30th.  It is QUEEN OF KWATE, a feature length film from Disney.  It is based on the inspiring true story of Robert Katende and Phiona Mutesi.  Phiona was a young girl living in the slums of Kwate, Uganda.  One day she stumbles upon Katende and a group of children playing chess in a makeshift church.  Through the guidance of Katende and the game of chess, Phiona is encouraged to believe in herself.  Eventually she not only finds herself competing in local chess matches, but winning international competitions.  Robert and Phiona’s story celebrates the notion that champions can come from the most unlikely places.

If you think about it, Jesus Christ is the greatest unlikely champion of all time.  Born in a stable to poor, working class parents, no one would have expected Him to be royalty, much less the King of all Kings.  God made Himself into an unlikely champion so that we all may be unlikely champions.  Then, as if He wasn’t unlikely enough in life, He became an unlikely champion in death.  How much more unlikely can one be than being dead?  If He, who took on all sin for all time can overcome death, surely those of us who belong to Him can do the same.

But just as God was the source of Jesus’ power, so He is our source of power.  And I want to take a minute to honor all the unlikely champions who have found victory because they’ve surrendered their life to Christ.  We all have something in our past that was our stumbling block to victory.  Perhaps it was addiction, perpetual sin, or simple pride in ourselves.  Yet the transformational power of Jesus Christ takes our black hearts and turns us into workers for His Kingdom.  And since no one can meet Jesus and not be transformed, as workers of Christ many of us have become the agents of this change.  We meet people in their messes and pain and point them to the One who can cure them.  For every life we touch with His power, we become champions.

To all those who were unlikely champions to me, or who helped turn me into an unlikely champion, I want to say thank you!  You mean the world to me.  I encourage all of you to think of your unlikely champions and drop them a line telling them how much you appreciate them.


Watch the preview featurette for QUEEN OF KWATE below!


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