Humor Me as I Fight a Serious Case of Writer’s Block

keyboard-1395316I have a horrible case of writer’s block.  It’s killing me.  I haven’t posted on here since September, I made an attempt at a novel in November, only to get about 5,000 words in and quit, and I haven’t even been returning emails and text messages because I simply don’t have any energy left to write.  Usually I write Christmas devotions, but even those seem like a hellish chore.

Today, I’m at a breaking point.  While grocery shopping this morning, I got excited about three different topics that I was busting at the seams to get home and write on.  Now I’m sitting here at the computer and I’ve got nothing.  I have TONS of ideas to write about, but I lose forward momentum when I actually sit with the open laptop.

I’ve been writing for many years and have read tons on writer’s block.  My thought is always…why don’t you just sit down and write?  Surely, the best cure for writer’s block is to write, right?

Well, here I am, firmly planted, and getting anything out on page is excruciating.  So, I’m going to take the “duh!” approach to fixing my writer’s block and I’m just going to write.  Every day.  And not in a journal, where it can hide on my coffee table or on my night stand.  I’m going to write a post everyday and post it here.  It might not be my usual content my readers are used to, but right now that is better than the no content that they are getting.

I’ve got to admit.  I feel a little better already.  It’s kind of like that feeling when you are trying to pry something open and you finally get it open enough to slide something substantial in to pry it the rest of the way open.  I haven’t broken out, but I have a little peak of light.

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