Season 2 of Finding Jesus starts March 5th

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From time to time I do these reviews where someone pays me for posting my honest review of something on my blog.  I do these for two reasons.  First, because I don’t get paid for my ministry and I don’t have ads on my site, so I have to make money somehow to cover my expenses.  Second, I usually try to pick things that will interest you all, my readers.  So if this isn’t up your alley, hang in there.  I promise these will be few and far between.

finding jesusBut for those of you who may be interested, the second season of CNN’s Finding Jesus: Faith, Fact, Forgery starts March 5th.  They sent me a screener of an episode from last season to review, and I have to say that this isn’t too bad of a show.  There is so much junk on cable TV about Bible history or Bible archeological finds and my opinion on most of those is “garbage in, garbage out”.  In other words, avoid them.

But this one might be worth a watch.  The one they sent me was on the Apostle Thomas.  They started with what we know about Thomas from the Bible, which was great.  It was dramatized, so they made certain assumptions which may or may not be true for the sake of presentation, but all of the Biblical accuracy was there.  Then they looked at some artifacts that are supposedly from Thomas and presented what was likely his ministry in India based on other 1st or 2nd century writings.  While some of those writings are questionable, they do fill in the blanks historically as to Thomas’ ministry after Jesus’ death.  They also looked at the history of the Church in India and showed some of what their Christian traditions look like.

I’m glad I watched it, but I recommend you going into the episodes with at least a little skepticism.  Obviously, all television is created for ratings so people can make money and so for something to get on the air, it will likely be slanted toward the sensational side of things.  Also keep in mind that not all of the documents mentioned may be historically accurate.  They are great for getting a feel for what things were like, but they may be more like legends based on a real person than they are a history book.

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