Christmas Sermon 2017

As a gift for my dear followers, I decided to make my Christmas sermon that I preached today available so you all can listen to it.  My hope is that it will bless you as you celebrate this season of our Lord!



Just a note before you listen…the sound quality is pretty good, but my voice not so much so.  I officiated a wedding at noon and then did this service at 2pm.  For those of you who know my voice, I’m not sick, or really sad, as my daughter thought when she heard it. My voice was just really tired.

Also, I didn’t edit out our worship time/carol singing at the end.  I was going to because my voice kept cracking and fading from fatigue and by the end my throat was so raw I was in tears.  But I ended up taking the message of the sermon to heart and decided to leave it in.  Out of unideal situations, the greatest gift comes.  If you’d like to sing along and worship with us at the end, go for it.  If not, just stop the recording after the sermon.

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